Nicole Friscia

Nicole has been a AAAI/ISMA certified Spin Instructor and certified Barre Above Instructor since 2015. A lifetime athlete, she began her dance career at the age of 4 after taking ice skating lessons. After years of competing and performing, Nicole received a dance scholarship and went on to become a NCAA DII college cheerleader minoring in Dance Theater. Years of discipline carried over into adulthood sparking the love for mat pilates, yoga, running and quickly there after, spin. Nicole’s musicality lends to the artistry that unfolds on the bike and captures the athleticism and mechanics that assist you in mastering your ride. Her classes are a vibe. Carefully constructed so that the world falls away for 45 minutes. She will instruct you to let the music take control, motivate you to ride hard and focus on YOU. Expect to sing, hoot and holler, smile and most importantly challenge yourself.